Ceiling Track Lifts

Permanent or Portable Ceiling Track Lifts or Patient Hoist Systems for Safe, Secure Patient Transfers

  • Safe, reliable technology
  • Easy to use, easy to install
  • High quality, affordable design
  • Smooth, effortless transfers from bed, to chair, to bathroom, etc.
  • Fixed units can be power controlled along the track
  • Freestanding, portable units can be transferred from one track to another
  • Permanent or portable overhead lift systems

The assistive technology experts at Access & Mobility understand the importance of practical yet safe, secure transfers within the home without strain to caregiver or patient. That’s why we offer you a full spectrum of automatic lifting aids with varying functions. We can help you select the best solution for your needs.

Our overhead ceiling track lifts dramatically decrease injuries in the home and make daily activities so much easier to accomplish. Equally important, the aid of a track hoist gives the patient more independence and sense of dignity. Furthermore, it saves the caregiver valuable time and energy when helping the patient move from bed to chair, toilet to tub or shower, and more.

All of our overhead patient lifts are reliably built and fully compliant with stringent safety regulations. Options include a single track or room-to-room systems. You can choose from a number of permanently-mounted ceiling track lifts which can be power controlled or portable, free-standing track systems that operate manually. Our portable modules are simple to dismantle and move to other locations. You can easily adjust the track height and length to the precise dimensions you need.

You’ll appreciate the user-friendly design of our automatic lifts and how effortlessly it makes the transfer process for both patient and caregiver — even if the caregiver is elderly.

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