Home Elevators

Styles for Home Elevators that Match Your Budget and Floor plan for New Construction, Remodeling and Home Additions

  • “Gentle” single or multi-level stops
  • Customizable décor options
  • State-of-the-art technology
  • Quiet, smooth operation
  • Compliant with all electrical, mechanical and safety guidelines
  • Models that require no “digging” into your foundation

By eliminating the barrier of stairs, a residential elevator allows increased independence and mobility while improving the property value of your home or condo. We’ll help you enjoy maximum movement and minimal machinery – all without sacrificing lift capacity.

To ensure operational safety and low maintenance, Access & Mobility offers state-of-the-art technology by the leading names in home elevators. From reliable and economical styles — to luxurious, custom-appointed elevators with exquisite detailing — we’ll install the most appropriate home elevator for your budget and circumstance.

Our home elevators fit a variety of floor plans, frequently with minor construction or intrusion.  They can also be a custom fit or blended nicely with your home. Our careful planning and experienced construction team allow for many options. If your floor space is limited, we have models that maximize your square footage. For example, some models travel through a simple floor cut-out; utilize minimal overhead drive space; require no separate machinery area; and offer convenient service panels on either the interior or exterior. Should you need to accommodate landings in different directions, we even have residential elevators that open from two sides.

Select the interior car size, style, accessories, and lighting that work best for your needs. Traditional to contemporary, you can choose from an impressive array of designs to complement your décor, including melamine, wood veneer or solid hardwood…even raised oak panels…in a variety of attractive finishes. Customized ceilings, accessories and gate closures are also available in various materials and styles.

Let us make your “vertical transportation” accessibility options a Luxury or practical and affordable solution.

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