Stair Lifts

Indoor and Outdoor Stair Lifts for Every Staircase Design and Price Range

  • Smooth, quiet, easy operation
  • Swivel chair with foldable, compact seat when not in use
  • Optional power folding footrest and swivel seat
  • Many different control options
  • Models for straight, curved, split, turning or spiral staircases
  • Battery powered or hard-wired technology
  • Convenient installation that won’t harm your walls
  • Optional power or manual folding rails
  • Colors and styles to blend with your décor

When limited mobility is a problem, stair lifts give you easy access to all levels of your home and significantly reduce the risk of falls associated with staircases. For those who are aging or have other physical impairments, it can be the difference that makes remaining in your home possible.

Access & Mobility provides a comprehensive selection of chair lifts by two leading name manufacturers — Bruno and Savaria. From modest-priced features to the ultimate in custom-built innovations, our stairway lifts ensure you convenience, safety and time-tested performance without sacrificing the beauty and function of your staircase. You can rely on dependable operation even during power outages.

We install lift systems for staircases of all shapes and sizes: straight, curved, turning and spiral. You can select the color, look, upholstery, ergonomic chair features and control options that you prefer. When not in use, chair seats fold and park compactly, giving unimpeded access to the staircase for others. For a sleek and attractive appearance, no unsightly wires are exposed along the walls.

Our outdoor stair lifts are built to withstand a wide extreme of weather conditions, from hot, arid, rainy or coastal climates to extreme cold. They are an ideal solution for easy access up or down exterior stairs or an elevated deck.

We’re ready to help you determine the best stair lift choice for your home and budget.

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