Grab Bars

Poles, Bars and Safety Rails for the Location and Support You Need

  • Wall or floor-mounted supports
  • Expansion fit, floor-to-ceiling poles which can be relocated
  • Folding grab bars
  • Space saving designs for bedrooms, bathrooms, stairs and more
  • Choice of attractive colors, finishes and designs
  • Custom-designed solutions, as needed
  • Adaptable to the precise height and angles required

Access & Mobility has grab bars, supports for transfers, safety rails and other stabilization devices that work for virtually any location in your home. Our safety support devices help individuals increase mobility and independence while preventing accidents, and reduce physical strain on caregivers.

We carry an extensive line of specialty grab bars — including Healthcraft and other reliable brand names such as the Invisia collection which offers aesthetically concealed support systems to compliment your décor. These products assist people of all ages with varying mobility issues: changing positions in bed, sitting, standing, transferring within the home, even maneuvering small staircases. We also have horizontal rail systems for in-home physical therapy use.

You’ll appreciate the innovative features these products provide. Space-saving designs make it easier to maneuver in confined quarters, especially when using a wheelchair or walker around a toilet, sink or bathtub. Ergometric styling provides counter-balanced grips, lockable handles and reassuringly solid, weight-bearing support.

Many of our safety support products come in styles and looks to coordinate with your interior decor. Whether you need a standard product or a customized solution to overcome structural challenges, we can help you evaluate the most functional safety devices for your home and provide convenient installation according to ADA compliance.

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